Providing Comprehensive Assistance And Resources To Empower Veterans In Their Transcendence To A Higher Existence Personally And Professionally Using Our 9 Dimensions Of Wellness



Expert support for VA claims, website development, business development, financial coaching, legal aid, and so much more. Our starting point is the foundation.



Specializing in helping Veterans transition to civilian life with social connections and self-growth at self paced. Using our social networking platforms and Apps we created.



Personalized educational approaches and emphasis on wellness for post-service success. No other organization has our structure for success and unique approach.

About Us

United States Veteran Charity is a non-profit organization founded by a 100% P&T disabled Veteran. We are dedicated to supporting Veterans by providing guidance on our 9 dimensions of wellness. Our goal is to empower Veterans by equipping them with resources and a nurturing community for personal and professional development.

Having experienced the challenges of transitioning to civilian life, our founder was motivated to start this organization to help other Veterans starting anew. We believe in fostering job connections, encouraging self-growth, and providing a comprehensive support system to ensure Veterans thrive in their post-service lives.

Our Initiatives

We take proactive measures to support Veterans across various aspects of their lives


Assisting Veterans in their transition to civilian life through career development and personal growth programs. We all know very well what it is like to be “air dropped” back into society.


Promoting holistic wellness and providing access to resources for physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental, financial, professional, and cultural development.


Offering personalized educational approaches to equip Veterans with the tools for post-service success. Using our unique HUNDO™ rank structure we are able to rebuild every member.


An all-volunteer force definitely has advantages in terms of cost. Here’s a breakdown of what it means for our organization:

Reduced Expenses: You only incur costs associated with keeping the organization running, like rent, utilities, supplies, and maybe some marketing materials. This can be a significant advantage, especially for startups or nonprofits such as ours.

Transparency: With no payroll, our financial situation is inherently more transparent. People can see how donations or funding are being used without the overhead of salaries.


You can go to our “OFFICIAL VETERAN HUNDO CLUB” strategic Partnership website to learn more about what services are offered.

Veterans To Serve
Veteran Businesses To Support
Funds Spent By U.S. Government
Possible Partner Organizations

Inspiring Stories

Real-life stories of Veterans who have overcome challenges and achieved remarkable transformations

From Struggle to Success

Meet Ian, a Marine Veteran who faced numerous obstacles after serving. With our support, he overcame adversity, secured a social circle, and found purpose and fulfillment in his post-service life because of what we have done for the member together.

Building a Bright Future

Discover Jennifer’s inspiring journey from military service to thriving entrepreneur. Through our business development program, she realized her dreams and established a successful venture. Increased financial success across multiple realms. We rebuilt the individual from the ground up using our system.

24/7 Confidential Crisis Support

For Veterans and their loved ones. If you’re a Veteran in a mental health crisis and you’re thinking about hurting yourself—or you know a Veteran who’s considering this—get help right away. You’re not alone.

Support Our Mission

We pride ourselves as being the best fully holistic non-profit user centric, professionally assisted, self development organization for members of the armed forces and Veterans to empower enhanced quality of life.


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